Reasons to Hire:

Some reasons to hire our law office in Greensboro, NC

Serious Experience

There are lawyers in Greensboro, NC that have handled thousands of cases in Criminal District and Administrative Court, but they could have all been petty offenses and traffic tickets. For whatever reason, these attorneys never take their client's cases to trial. Mr. Carpenter and this law office has dealt with the serious cases and has engaged his client's battles in front of judges and juries. Mr. Carpenter has represented more than 25 clients charged with first-degree murder facing the death penalty in North Carolina and a large number of clients charged with severe sex offenses. Mr. Carpenter has confronted all these battles.

What you see is what you get

There are law firms where you might need to deal with a certain attorney, but are foisted onto someone else because your lawyer is too busy or just not avaiiable. It can be crucial that you need to work with the senior attorney and not some junior associate, or a surprise replacement. This is never the case at the Law Offices of HA (Alec) Carpenter IV. At this law firm, all attorney work, calls and responsibility fall on Mr. Carpenter.

Our firm concentrates on Criminal Law and Traffic Offenses

Some attorneys handle all kinds of law. Mr. Carpenter is convinced that each area of the law is very complicated, and that an attorney should focus on just one. All the resources and concentration of this law office are involved in representing clients who have been accused of a crime or traffic offense.

We will go TO TRIAL

Amazingly, there are many attorneys practicing criminal defense that almost never go to trial. Mr. Carpenter believes it is essential that a law office practicing in this area should be prepared and willing to go to trial and that they have that reputation with the District Attorney's Office. 

Mr. Carpenter is very ACCESSIBLE

Some lawyers are almost inaccessible after they've been paid. Not at the Law Offices of H.A. (Alec) Carpenter IV. In addition to promptly returning phone calls, Mr. Carpenter can always be reached at This email address connects to Mr. Carpenter's cell phone so he will always get any message quickly and efficiently, even on weekends.
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