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Common Questions and Answers or FAQ's

Q: All I have is a speeding ticket - Do I need an attorney?

A: You can get points from the DMV for a speeding ticket. Get too many of these points and you lose your license. You can also get too many insurance points from a speeding ticket that might increase your insurance rates for years to come. You could lose your license from a speeding ticket upon conviction, if you were driving excessively fast.
 If you think you have a total understanding of all the above issues, then you could try to represent yourself. However, in most cases the safe thing to do is to hire an experienced attorney, like the law office of H.A. Carpenter, in Greensboro, NC. Why waste time and effort without an experienced attorney in your corner?
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Q: I got a speeding ticket and the citation says I must appear in court. Is this really true?

A: If you hire a law office, the lawyer can usually waive your appearance with a form that will allow you to avoid the hassle and headaches of making one or more court appearances. This is especially beneficial to the defendant who lives out of town or out of state. It's not always so easy without the knowledge of the system.

Q: Do I need an attorney if I've have been charged with driving while licensed revoked?

A: Absolutely, yes! A skilled lawyer can quickly access your driving record for you and help guide you to the best outcome. The prosecutor in court is not looking out for your best interest and a wrong plea in court can might be disastrous to an your right to drive.

Q: I've been charged with DWI (Driving While Impaired). Do I need an attorney?

A: Absolutely positively, yes! DWI laws are the most complex laws in Criminal District Court. They are complicated and are always being changed. Multiple significant revisions are regularly made to DWI laws in NC. Make sure to take on a seasoned lawyer who has had experience taking these cases to trial. 

Q: Why do I need a lawyer if I have no previous record but have been charged with a crime?

A: The impact of a criminal conviction will last your entire life. A felony conviction is the most serious. Such a conviction will haunt a you when you go to do something as simple as filling out job applications, credit applications for renting or purchases, etc. Not only that, misdemeanor convictions can also make a huge impact on anyone's life. For these reasons, you should always hire a law office with an experienced lawyer.
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